All About G Adventures Vs Intrepid Vs Contiki

Is Contiki just about partying?

What is that thing? The truth is that the tours are for people who want to have a great time, see some sights, drink some wine, and meet other people. The experience is similar to a party and involves meeting people.

What age group travels with G Adventures?

There are more than 150 18-to-34-year-olds tours offered by G Adventures. The trips were designed for travellers between the ages of 18 and 39 who are fun-loving, curious, adventurous and budget conscious.

Is G Adventures the same as GAP Adventures?

G ADVENTURES, formerly known as GAP ADVENTURES, is an internationally renowned travel company that specializes in adventure travel around the world without breaking the budget.

What age group is intrepid?

What are the names of the travellers? Travelers with a desire to get off the beaten track can find gusto adventures. If you’re travelling alone, with a group of friends, or if you’re over the age of 70, there’s an adventure for you.


Is 34 too old for Contiki?

The person is young. Older people may want an early night, a romantic evening with their partner or even have children, but they are ready to go out and see everything. We can give the majority of the group what they want if we keep it at 18 to 35.

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Is G Adventures a Canadian company?

G adventures is Canada’s largest adventure travel company. We offer unique small group adventures, safaris and expeditions on all seven continents with a focus on culture, nature and active travel to more than 40,000 travellers each year.

What makes G Adventures unique?

GAdventures, a small group Canadian travel company with a big sense of adventure, offers over 1,000 tours to over 100 destinations while giving back to local communities, cultures and developments impacted by tourism. G adventures has been in the adventure travel business for over two decades.

What does G Adventures specialize in?

Small group escorted tours are offered by G Adventures. It is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has 28 offices around the world. It has more than 700 itineraries in more than 100 countries.

How long has G Adventures been in business?

We’ve been pioneers of community tourism for 30 years.

Can you go on Contiki if you are over 35?

Independent travellers between the ages of 18 and 35 can take a tour from Contiki. They don’t allow people under the age of 30 to book a trip, and they have hard upper age limits on their tours.

Are flash packs worth it?

The quality and meaningful travel experiences offered by the company are what we think makes them a great company. We know that the prices of their group travel might not be for the budget conscious, but it’s more than reasonable to go with other group tours since they have a history of unreliable refunds.

Is there an age limit for Topdeck tours?

In Europe, North America, Africa, Egypt and the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, Topdeck Travel offers trips for people between the ages of 18 and 39. There are 330 different tours offered by Topdeck.

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Is G Adventures part of National Geographic?

National Geographic Family Journeys with G Adventure is a new line of trips for adventure-loving families in search of a meaningful way to discover the world together.

Is Intrepid A good travel company?

Most of the past users had good things to say about the travel company. It’s also recommended to travelers who want more out of their trip. We think that what they’re offering is a great way to explore the world and have a positive impact on the places you go.

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