Can You Swim At The Beach At The Polynesian Resort?

Swimming is not allowed on the beaches where fishing and boating can be found. Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts has a famous sand- bottom pool called Stormalong Bay.

Can non guests park at Polynesian?

If you rent a car and plan on parking in the Polynesian parking lot, you will either have to stay at the resort or make a reservation for a restaurant. Enchantment can be watched from the beach if you have one of those.

Can you eat at the Polynesian Resort without staying there?

Yes, that is correct! The Disney Polynesian Resort has a restaurant on the second floor. If you are staying at a different Disney resort, you may have to take multiple shuttle busses to get there. It is highly recommended that you take care of yourself.

How late is the pool open at the Polynesian?

There are showers, lockers, and restrooms for guests to use. During busy times, the pool hours are extended to as late as 11PM. Lifeguards will be on duty at the feature pool.

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Is it worth it to stay at the Polynesian?

The Polynesian resort is a great place to stay at Disney. It has everything you’d need if you were to visit the mouse. The pool is one of the top attractions at Disney World. The Kona Cafe, Ohana, and the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show are great places to eat.

Can you get into Disney resorts without staying there?

You can go to the many Disney World resorts. The easiest way to get to the different resorts is to use the complimentary Disney transportation.

Do you have to wear a mask by the pool at Disney resorts?

It is recommended that guests who are not fully vaccine free continue to wear face coverings in all indoor locations. Water slides and in the water are places where face coverings are not allowed.

Can you walk around the Polynesian Resort?

You can easily walk between the Polynesian Resort and the Grand Floridian if you choose to stay there. You can easily walk over to the other resorts for dining, shopping, or leisure if you choose.

Can anyone swim at Polynesian hotel?

The swimming pools at the Walt Disney World Resort Hotel are only available to guests who stay there. You can have your guests join you at the amazing restaurants and lounges at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort even if you can’t bring them to the pool.

Does the Polynesian have a lazy river?

The Polynesian Resort at Disney World doesn’t have a lazy river. There are two water slides located near the Volcano Pool at the Kids Splash Park.

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Can I park for free at the Polynesian Resort?

You can park and visit the wonderful resort hotels if you want to. The parking is limited to three hours.

Can I park at a Disney Resort without staying there?

If you’re staying off-site, you can’t park at a resort and use the bus system to get to the parks, even if you’re using Disney transportation. Guests who stay at the resorts are able to use the parking at the restaurants.

Do you have to pay for parking at the Polynesian?

There is no cost to park. There is parking for people with disabilities near the entrance. On a first come first serve basis, charging stations for electric vehicles are available.

Do you have to pay to park at the Polynesian Resort?

Is it free to park at the Polynesian Village Resort? There is a fee for overnight parking at the resorts.

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