Does Hotel Tonight Really Work?

What happened to HotelTonight?

Users of HotelTonight were able to book rooms up to 7 days in advance in October of last year. They started allowing reservations on the website in September of last year. In March of this year, HotelTonight was acquired byAirbnb for $450 million in cash and stock.

Can you spend just the day in a hotel?

Booking a hotel room in the morning is a great way to get away from it all. If you want to enjoy a luxury hotel at an affordable price, you can book a hotel room for the day.

Can I cancel my reservation on hotel tonight?

The guest pays all HotelTonight Reservations at the time of booking. All reservations are non-cancellable according to the standard policy of the company. Unless the hotel’s profile says otherwise, guests are told before they checkout that their booking is non-refundable.

Is HotelTonight actually cheaper?

Is it really cheaper to stay at HotelTonight? Booking through HotelTonight can be cheaper than booking through a travel agent, online travel site, or hotel itself. The business model of HotelTonight is to sell rooms that don’t get booked.

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Is it cheaper to get a hotel room the day of?

It’s usually cheaper to book a room last-minute, but how much is that? The bargain bin isn’t expected here, even though it is a bit cheaper. The rooms are 15% less expensive when booked last-minute.


Can hotels be booked for a few hours?

It’s more economical and convenient to book a hotel on an hourly basis. If you are on a long road trip and want to take some rest in between, you can do that. You can eat at the hotel’s restaurant without paying for the whole night if you stay at a day use hotel.

Why do people use DayUse hotels?

People can stay in rooms that they can’t usually afford and hotels can make money by filling empty rooms. DayUse allows you to make last-minute hotel reservations. You can book a room at a hotel in the DayUse network on a same day basis.

Can you book into a hotel for a few hours?

There are hotels that offer day rates. If you only use the room for a short period of time, you would have to pay for it by the day. Business travellers often use this option when they need a place to rest.

What is the best time to book on hotel tonight?

What’s the best time to book a room at HotelTonight? When booking a last-minute hotel room, wait until 4 pm as it will result in 10% cheaper prices than the afternoons and mornings.

How do I know if a booking site is legit?

You can book your reservations on the official website of the hotel, airline, or rental car agency. It should have a URL that says “HTTPS”. If you don’t know if you are on a real site, call the company. You can find out if a website is safe with the help of Safe Web.

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Why did Airbnb buy HotelTonight?

HotelTonight was acquired. Our work has been accelerated to build a travel platform that serves everyone. When Home hosts are often already booked, we’re making it easier for people to find last-minute places to stay on the platform.

Did Airbnb buy HotelTonight?

HotelTonight was acquired by Airbnb in a deal that is said to be worth $400 million. Simon said the companies were very complimentary in terms of product and the deal made sense.

Is HotelTonight only for 2 people?

If advance room type selection is available for your hotel, you will be able to make your choice (1 bed or 2 beds) before you book. No matter the type of room, it will fit at least two adults.

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