How Long Agoda Will Refund?

How long do you have to wait to get your money back? There is a general timetable for refunds. The process for refunds will be completed within 10 days. It can take up to 30 days for the refund to be processed.

How do I get a refund from Agoda?

If you book through Agoda, you can cancel with a full refund up to 24 hours before, you just need to sign in, follow the link to cancel and you will get a confirmation email.

How long does Agoda take to process?

The rooms that are available on Agoda should be confirmed immediately. Confirmation will be sent if you book a special rate room on Agoda. Once your card has been charged, your hotel voucher will be sent to you. This usually occurs within an hour.


How long does it take for hotel to refund hold?

Within a day or two, a hold will be released. Sometimes it takes up to a week for the charge to disappear.

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How long do online purchase refunds take?

The process usually takes 3 to 5 days, but can take up to 10 days to get the refund back on your bank statement. Depending on the bank or credit card company, this time is different.

Does free cancellation mean refund?

The definition of free cancellation is quick. If a guest needs to cancel within a given window, they can receive all of their money back, up to 30 days before the check in date.

Can I get my booking amount back?

The builder or seller has the right to give up the token money since they have suffered a loss due to the cancellation of the booking. The builder must give back the balance of the property within 45 days.

Is booking money refundable?

The builder usually deducts 10% of the booking amount and refunds the rest. What you can get back and what you can’t will be dictated by the cancellation and refund clause. The buyer can demand a return of the deposit.

Does Agoda charge your card right away?

Your credit card will be charged when you check out at Agoda. The room can be canceled without charge for a few days after the pay later date.

Is payment to Agoda safe?

Money-saving features like AgodaCash, AgodaVIP and Promo Codes have been added over the years. Agoda is clearly a legit company because of their proven track record. Over 4,000 people are employed by Agoda in 30 countries.

How do I speak to a host on Agoda?

You can use the “Need Help” button in YCS to request help from the Agoda accommodation support team.

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How do I check my Agoda payment?

The Bookings & Earnings section of your listing can be used to verify the completed payment transactions. Within 24 hours after a guest checks out, Agoda will release yourPayout to your account. The status of the account should be active.

Can you get your money back after booking a hotel?

If you have a valid reason, most places will give you a refund. You can change the date of your reservation if you’re stuck with a nonrefundable room. If you want to change the date of your stay, some hotels will do it. It is possible to resell your room and get your money back.

Can you get your money back from booking a hotel?

She says that the hotel can keep the money. If you have a valid reason for canceling the room, most places will give you a refund. I think so. “Prepaid” rooms are not customer friendly.

How do you communicate with Agoda?

Your customer service representative will need your Booking ID and Hotel ID to help with your issue if you don’t have them. You can email your questions to

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