How Long Are Southwest Travel Funds Good For?

The number 0 (zero) and the number 1 (one) are not included in confirmation numbers because they have a unique six-digit code. Is my flight credit going to run out? Flight credits that were notexpired on or after July 28, 2022, will show an expired date until we update our systems.

How long are Southwest funds good for?

The travel fund won’t last more than a year from when you booked the ticket. The expiration date of the voucher used to book the ticket will be adopted by the travel fund.

Will Southwest extend travel funds 2022?

The credits will be automatically extended indefinitely if they expired on or after that date.

What happens if you don’t use Southwest travel funds?

Southwest’s travel funds can be used to book a cash flight or to pay taxes on award flights. It is possible to use them to pay for some or all of the amount owed. If you don’t use all of the travel funds for the reservation, there is still money left for future use.

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What can I do with leftover Southwest travel funds?

Southwest Airlines Reservations and Southwest Airlines Ticket Counters can be used to redeem unused ticketless travel funds. All unused ticketless travel funds have to be finished by the end of the year.

Does Southwest refund expire?

What are the changes to flight credits? Flight credits that have not expired will not. There is no need for you to take action on your part. Unexpired flight credits can be used if you have them as of July 28.

Can I use Southwest travel funds for someone else?

If you want to transfer your flight credit to someone else, you have to log in to your Rapid rewards account. Make sure you have the recipient’s full name, email and RapidRewards account number when you transfer to someone else.


Can Southwest travel funds be used for hotel?

Southwest travel funds can only be used towards the flight portion of a new reservation if the previous flight is worth more than the new one. The hotel credits and costs are not the same.

Did Southwest extend LUV vouchers due to Covid?

Southwest Airlines flight vouchers will continue to be valid. Southwest Airlines has a reputation for being a passenger favorite because of its insistence on not charging for baggage, but now they have come up with a way to keep passengers coming back.

How do I extend my Southwest travel voucher?

You can convert your expired Southwest travel fund to a Southwest LUV voucher by calling Southwest Airlines at 1 to 800 to 435 to 9792. If the agent is willing to help you with the request, the process will be reviewed by the agent.

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Can I use Southwest travel funds for early bird check in?

You can use travel funds to rebook and change a fare, but you can’t use travel funds to pay for upgraded boarding or early bird check in.

How do I convert Southwest points to dollars?

There is a question about the value of Southwest Rapid Rewards Points. Each point is worth 1.5 cents. Many of the products featured here are made by our partners.

Do Southwest vouchers expire?

Southwest Airlines’ insistence on not charging for baggage has made it a passenger favorite, but it has now worked out a way to keep passengers loyal, by announcing that credits with the airline will no longer have an expired date.

How do I cash out my Southwest travel funds?

You can redeem your funds online at, by phone, or at a Southwest ticket counter for future flights. You can call Southwest customer service at one of the numbers listed.

Can I convert Southwest travel funds to points?

Southwest gives you 1 Southwest point for every 1.28 cents you have in travel funds. If you have $50 in your travel fund, you can convert it to Southwest points. It is not possible to convert travel funds into points in an account other than your own.

Can you convert travel funds to LUV Voucher?

If your travel fund expires within 6 months, you can call Southwest airlines and ask them to convert it to a LUV voucher, which will give you more time to use it.

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