What Does Lima Charlie Hotel Mike Mean?

Loud and Clear is the name of the person. Oscar- Mike is on the move. Tango Mike, thank you a lot.

What does Charlie Oscar Mike mean?

Oscar Mike was chosen to represent the spirit of the founder and the Veterans he serves. He doesn’t make a lot of money.

What does foxtrot Mike mean?

What is the meaning of “Alpha mike foxtrot”? “Adios Mother *bleep*” is what Alpha Mike Foxtrot is referred to as. It is possible to fill in the blank with your imagination. Another sanitized version is what my friend is referring to.

What does Charlie mean in military code?

This condition applies when there is a threat of terrorist action against personnel and facilities.

What does Lima mean in military?

L’ lima-lima is a land line in the military. The two points on the ground are referred to as telephone communications.

Why does Kayo say Charlie Mike?

The NATO alphabet is likely to mean “continue mission” according to Charlie Mike. “Charlie Mike, let’s move,” he said. Killed in action is the title of the film. “Hostile” is the word that comes to mind.


Why do soldiers say Tango Down?

Military jargon is said to be the origin of tango down. T is tango and is used as a synonym for “enemy” in the NATO alphabet. It’s important to down a target, especially when an aircraft is grounded, but it’s also important to kill them.

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What does Whiskey Zulu mean?

The military has a number of military phonetic alphabet phrases. It’s not “Whiskey Delta” for “well done” because of the roots of the term. Charlie Mike said to keep on with the mission. Someone is about to complete their tour of duty and they have an expired term of service.

What is Alpha Tango Foxtrot?

The 26 code words have been assigned to the 26 letters of the English alphabet.

What is a mike in military?

“Mike” is used in an episode of “Boarding Party.” O Line is offensive line.

What does Bravo Delta mean?

The sides of a structure are designated by using the terms Alpha, Delta, and Charlie. The front of the structure is referred to as the alpha side, the left side is referred to as thebravo side, and the right side is referred to as thedelta side.

What is a mike in military terms?

O Line is the offensive line of the show “Boarding Party”.

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