What Is Resort Commercial Zoning?

The term resort commercial refers to properties that provide only seasonal, short-term lodging and maintain a single year-round on-site dwelling.

What is C4 zoning in Colorado?

There is an intent and a purpose to it. The Commercial Center is intended to be a regional retail center.

What is C4 zoning in Florida?

The purpose of this district is to meet present demand for active commercial recreational services in Florida City where special location and space requirements are needed.

What is C4 zoning in Ontario?

No person shall use any land, erect, alter, enlarge, use or maintain any building or structure for any other purpose other than as permitted in subsection 2 of this section and in accordance with the regulations contained or referred to in subsections 3.

What is a3 zoning in Colorado?

To preserve and protect small farms for personal and limited agricultural production or to provide a transitional agricultural zone between more intensive agricultural use areas and residential areas is the purpose and intent of the A 3 Transitional Agriculture Classification.


What is M1 Zoning Florida?

Only the following uses can be used in an M1 zone. There are processes involving refining or rendering of fats and oils that are not included in B. Compounding, packaging or storage of cosmetics, drugs, perfumes, pharmaceutical, soap or toiletries.

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What is b2 zoning in Florida?

The ground floor can be used for retail storefronts and apartments. The purpose is to spur development in corridors with low demand for retail.

What is C2 zoning in Ontario?

Commercial uses intended to serve residents within the surrounding neighbourhood and secondary residential uses are allowed in the C2 Zone.

Can you use commercial property as residential?

Is it possible to turn a commercial property into a home? It is possible to convert a commercial property in a domestic home. If you decide to start renovations without it, you will be in a planning breech which will cause future legal and/or financial problems.

What is a1 zoning in Ontario?

The Light Agriculture (A-1) Zone is meant to make sure that the rural character of the planning area is maintained. Truck farming, field and tree crops, and low density residential uses are some of the typical uses in the zone.

What does rural zoning mean in Colorado?

What is the difference between Colorado and the US? Rural Residential and/or Residential Rural are the terms used in Colorado. Low-density, rural, single- family residential developments are intended to be accommodated by the RR zone. El Paso County is located in the state of Texas.

What is a zoning in Colorado?

When a community adopts azoning, they divide a geographic area into zones or districts, which each have their own set of standards for land uses and development regulations, balancing the general health, safety, and welfare of the public with private property owners rights to use their land.

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What is PUD zoning Denver?

The purpose of a PUD Zone Document is not to avoid meeting bulk standards, design standards, sign standards, or any other standards, but to create a tailored zone document that can be used in three different scenarios.

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