Why Do You Want To Work With Agoda?

Why would you like to work with Agoda?

Good work life balance is a result of good management. The salary package is attractive and the benefits are good. The ability to communicate with people from all over the world is enhanced by a good environment.

Why do you want to be in teleperformance answer?

I am going to start my carrier now that I have found a Tele performance job in India. I will be able to grow my career, improve my communication skills and improve my English with it.

Why do you want to join booking?

At Booking.com, we combine over two decades of industry experience with continuous data-backed insights to provide you with the services, products and support you need to grow your business. We offer the tools, visibility and round-the-clock support in order to make it easier for you.

Is Agoda a good company to work with?

Love the company, it’s a pleasure to work there. The environment is nice and the manager will give you coaching on your performance in order to give you enough support and guidance.

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What are the 3 most popular questions asked at any interview?

Let me know what you are like. Why do you want to work at this company? I want to know about your education.

What are the 3 most asked questions in an interview?

Tell me what you know about yourself. What did you know about this position? Why are you interested in working here?

Does Agoda pay well?

A Marketing Manager can make an average of 39.8 Lakhs per year, while a Senior Software Engineer can make an average of 11.2 lakh per year. The salaries received from Agoda employees are the basis for the estimates. The overall salary and benefits package has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars by Agoda employees.

What does Agoda mean?

The word “Agoda” is a completely made-up word that has no real meaning. The company’s founders wanted a unique and catchy name that was easy to remember so it would be easier to find on the internet.

Why do you want to work for this?

Personal passion for the employer’s product/service/mission is what you should express. Whether it is a product, a service, a mission, or a brand, employers want to know that you are passionate about what you do. The core values of the company can be found on their website.

Why should we hire you?

When asked why should we hire you, be sure to highlight your technical and soft skills. Doing so will show that you are able to meet the demands of the job.


Why are you interested in working in a hotel?

There are perks for working in the hotel industry. You receive discounts on hotel rooms, food and drink in restaurants associated with the hotel company where you work, as well as the chance to meet and greet new people every day, from all around the world.

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Why do you like working in hospitality?

Because of the importance of satisfying customers’ needs and wants, staff in the industry are always friendly and personable. It’s important for customer satisfaction, but it’s also important for staff relationships to be positive, and you’ll work in a friendly, helpful environment.

Why do you want to work in hospitality management?

If one’s goal is stability and growth, the hotel sector is a good choice. There will be no two days that are the same. You will meet a lot of new people and face a lot of new challenges, so the chances of a job in the industry becoming mundane are very rare.

Why do you want to work in this domain?

I want to build a decent career in my current domain, that’s the only thing I can think of in my career. My current job has shown me how to get to where I want to be in the future. I’ve got used to the corporate way of working and have acquired necessary skills.

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